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I'm an Afro - Dominican born and raised in Miami, Florida. I started my creative journey as a young Self - Taught Artist around Elementary. Yet I didn't take it serious until the end of Middle School, when I began my freelance practice.


Around this time, I started to take part in shows, festivals, and events outside of school. By the end of High School, I developed a few years of experience as an Artist and Designer creating fine art, logos, a few murals, and illustrations for publications.


For college I went to M.I.U. and took part of the Visual Arts program. Here I developed new tricks, learned about the digital world, animation, VFX, graphic and layout design, advertising, marketing, and developed a stronger body of fine art. I then learned I had a passion for Creative Strategy, Advertising, and Visual Identity. Today I am a freelancer who's specializes in figurative drawing, illustration, visual identity, and creative strategy.



Growing up I always had a fascination with the human anatomy, from the individual working parts to how they all work together as one. That same fascination almost lead me to becoming a surgeon so unconsciously I guess this is my way of still satisfying that urge.


The shape it self has the most interesting and mysterious  connections to various forms of mythologies, science, religions, and spiritual beliefs. I believe the shape creates the perfect balance between both the geometric shapes and organic forms confined with--in. I refer to these shapes as "panels".



My curiosity to find the unspoken connections and relations between things is what drives both my traditional and digital bodies of work. This can easily be spotted throughout my fine art work with the use of the hexagonal shapes (the panels) being puzzle pieces. Each piece slowly revealing something you never noticed or overlooked. In return, if you paid attention, you will understand another piece of life's complex puzzle.

The puzzles continue throughout my design work as well. Form the various working parts: imagery, type, colors, graphics, and the various inner working personal who come together to create the bigger picture. For me, its about the challenge to find the missing or required pieces to create an end result that is not only a success for my client but reaches my ever growing standards.

My ultimate goal with all my work and life is to simply continue to create, and design. While feeding my endless craving for knowledge and a good challenge.

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